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Help Us Inaugurate Our 4th House!


L’Arrêt-Source is receiving more and more admission requests, and we are currently forced to refuse 58 % of these requests due to lack of space. To better meet the increasing needs of young women, we were able, thanks to the generosity of the numerous donators who support us, to purchase a 4th house. This house comprises 3 apartments (4 1/2). These apartments need to be renovated before we can open their doors to abused young women.

 Thanks to each and every one of you, we raised $163 326, to finance the renovations of our 4th house and welcome additional abused young women in second-stage apartments, thanks for them.

The fight to eliminate abuse against women does not pause, and neither do our services. Discover our continuum of services dedicated to abused young women. 

This new house will increase by 60% our ability to welcome residents in 2nd stage apartments 


Long-term housing (2 years) offers women the stability that will positively impact various aspects of their lives. Stable housing and personalized support allow women : 

  • to live in a safe, healthy and confidential environment;

  • to work on the impacts of the abuse they have experienced;

  • to allow women to reclaim power over their life;

  • to improve social inclusion (work, return to school, etc.).

We also offer outpatient support services to abused women of all ages.

  • Thanks to your support and their determination, 80 % of the young women  who live at L’Arrêt-source make significant changes to their lives.

    Thanks to your support and their determination, 80 % of the young women  who live at L’Arrêt-source make significant changes to their lives.

OUR Mission

For more than 37 years our mission has been to help young abused women. L’Arrêt-Source is a shelter for young women victim of abuse aged between 18 and 30. It offers support and counselling services with the objective of empowering women and improving social inclusion. Young women can benefit from our support for more than two years.


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Everyone can participate in our Special Fundraising by making a donation, no matter how small.

Every donation is important and contributes to welcoming and supporting the abused young women we help.

Your donation will be used to finance the cost of the renovations needed to open the new apartments

A tax receipt will be issued for every donation over $20. 

Donation by cheque

Do you prefer to support us by cheque? Please send your cheque made to the order of L’Arrêt-Source at the following address


C.P. 35032, 1221 rue Fleury Est

Montréal (Québec) H2C 3K4

Please provide your contact information to receive a tax receipt for donations over $20.

Monthly donation

Monthly Donations ensure our sustainability and allow us to continue our mission with abused young women.

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Testimony of Élise, former resident of L'Arrêt Source


“My life is a failure”… These are Justine’s words when she arrived at L'Arrêt-Source. She is 29 years old, and her life is already an accumulation of abuse. As a young child, she experienced physical and verbal abuse from her mother. As a teenager, she was bullied by her peers, then her father kicked her out when she turned 18. The first time her mother hit her and the day her father kicked her out are her worst memories.

Over the past few years, she has been abused by her partner, who is 45 years older than her. When she arrived at L’Arrêt-Source, she had been living with her partner for 8 years. She describes both physical and psychological abuse from this man. The situation deteriorated in the early days of the pandemic. Her isolation continues within L’Arrêt-Source, the impacts of the abuse she lived through are obvious. She has difficulty smiling, sharing, and trusting others. Justine’s project is to finish her Secondary 3 and then obtain a DEP (diploma of professional studies). Discreetly, she continues to study. Her personal development is encouraging, she is meeting small challenges and becoming aware of certain difficulties that prevent her from having relationships with others.

After one year of living at L’Arrêt-Source, she leaves us with a light heart because she has access to low-cost housing. She will finally have what is most important for her, a living space where she is independent, free, and safe. She is also happy to welcome her best partner, her cat named Pantoufle.


All year long we benefit from the support and investment of our board of directors. We thank them again for their precious help. 

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